Should I use Blackboard or WordPress for my course blog?

OIT Academic Services will set up a WordPress blog under for a course at the request of the instructor. However, the self-service interactive tools built into Blackboard 9.x might be, in some cases, a more desirable option for course blogs.

As of Fall 2013, instructors have three options:

  • the blog or journal that is native to Blackboard,
  • a private, Blackboard-integrated WordPress blog,
  • or a public WordPress blog on

While the native Blackboard blogs are easy to use and integrate with the Grade Center, they lack the functionality, extendability, and customizability that the WordPress blogs offer. The Blackboard-integrated WordPress blog set-up is automated by the instructor clicking the “Blogs (WordPress)” link in the Tools area of the course. These blogs are private, with access limited to course membership.

A key difference between the platforms is privacy. Access to Blackboard blog content is restricted to instructors and students enrolled in a course. This also applies to the Blackboard-integrated WordPress blogs. While it is possible to manually restrict access for content to a members-only group, there is no direct integration with enrollment data for these blogs.

OIT’s Blackboard FAQ page has more details about Blackboard blogs and Blackboard journals.

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