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Of dignity and durians: remembering Dan

On November 18, 1:30 pm, the memorial service for Dan was held at the Edith Memorial Chapel at the Lawrenceville School. It is estimated that approximately 500 people filled the chapel to standing room. Appropriately, the service included much music (hymns as well as the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkle), readings and tributes from Dan’s extensive family and friends. The program may be seen here. Later that evening, as requested by Dan, a party was held at Triumph Brewery in Princeton. One could not help but feel Dan’s presence at the gathering that all knew he would have relished. Toasts were given by Betty Leydon and Serge Goldstein, Dan’s boss and colleague, respectively. Much mention was made of Dan’s ultimate acid test to many of us: the durian. For those of you who were not so challenged, we include the following links to educate you in Dan’s absence:

nodurians.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian

The family ecourages those wishing to honor Dan in some way to make a donation to the Kidney Cancer Association and/or to participate in the blood drive being organized in his honor (see the story on this blog).