The True Cost of High School Dropouts

In an Op.Ed. in the New York Times yesterday, Future of Children Senior Editor Cecilia Rouse and Columbia’s Henry M. Levin explain that although President Obama’s announcement regarding compulsory education until graduation or age 18 is a step in the right direction, evidence suggests that more effective prevention efforts begin much earlier than high school. Click here to read more:

2 thoughts on “The True Cost of High School Dropouts

  1. Novias Ferrol

    In Spain, you have to study up to 18 but there is a high number of school failure, good education starts at age 8 when you enter the school, but fails from here and here.

  2. Mike Hastings

    Gingrich makes some good points with his proposals on child labor, but he seems to present his positions in a way that many people find offensive. Putting poor children to work because, “they’re not learning the work habit” in public housing projects is routinely condemned, but many of his critics, including some child advocates, say that both Gingrich’s work and orphanage proposals have merit.

    The lifelong benefits of adopting the hard work ethic at an early age are well documented, but wrapping it around 9.9 million single mother households with children under 18 is clearly not selling in Peoria!

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