Contest Closes

Rockwell Kent, designer. Bookplate for Elnita Strauss Library, Council House. 1936.

Although the collecting continues, the entries are in and the 2007/2008 Elmer Adler Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize is closed. I would like to thank all the students who entered and wish them the best of luck. The judges are reading the essays and will select the winners before the end of the calendar year. These names will be announced at the Winter Banquet of the Friends of the Princeton University Library on Saturday, February 2, 2008 and to the general public on February 4.

Our first place essay will be entered into the National Collegiate Book Collecting Championship, established and sponsored by Fine Books & Collections Magazine.

For a list of past Princeton University contest winners and their topics, continue with this posting below:

Elmer Adler Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize, Princeton University

First prize winners and their topics

2007, Kendall Turner, class of 2007, Seeing One’s Self in Textbooks of Times Past: Reflections on a Collection of Children’s Schoolbooks

2006, Rahul Mehra, class of 2007, The Enigma of Reading

2005, Jacob Savage, class of 2006, Collecting Minutiae: The Joys of Old and Esoteric History

2004, Anna McLain Pierrehumbert, class of 2007, Absolutely Valued: My Traveling Set of Math Books

2003, Allen K. Taylor, class of 2003, Learning to See

2002, Nicholas Samuel Fitch, class of 2003, Una locura Argentina

2001, Jonathan Kennedy, class of 2003, The White Mountains; or, My Own Life in the Woods

2000, Robert Hill, class of 2000, On the Trail of the Classics

1999, Hyeseung Song, class of 2001, The Books in My Blue Room

1998, Pavan Ahluwalia, class of 1999, Religious Books: A Collector’s Reflections

1997, Krassimira Zourkova, class of 1997, Book Collecting in the Absence of Books

1996, Arthur Lamont Crooks, class of 1998, My Second Means of Egress

1995, none

1994, Jennifer Lynn Kotwicki, class of 1996, The World I have Never Seen

1993, Christopher M. Borowski, class of 1994, The Book Barn

1992, Andrew Pillion Boer, class of 1993, A Case for Comics

1991, Ronald Scott Strauss, class of 1994, An Alternative Source of creative, Energy

1990, G. Scott Clemons, class of 1990, Collector’s Progress

1989, Gavin Scott Clemons

1988, Frederick A. C. Ilchman

1987, Joseph D. Watson, class of 1987, Sir Walter Scott Collection

1986, David Ross Shaw, class of 1986

1985, Mark Robert Sheinkman

1984, Roberto Eduardo Barragan

1983, Eve Ward Strang

1982, Bret Thomas Watson

1981, Alan Galloway Thomas

1980, Daniel Baruch Frohman

1979, Ricardo Garcia

1978, Philip Andrew Hamburger

1977, Jeremy Michael Wolfe

1976, David Wood Nicholas

1975, Joseph J. Masi

1974, Linda J. Tarver

1973, Robert M. Peck

1972, Christopher C. Forbes

1971, Robert M. Peck

1970, Nelson R. Trenner

1969, John A. Gwynne, Jr.

1968, leland Dan Peterson

1967, Paul E. Sheren

1966, Daniel I.A. Cohen

1965, Peter L. Hatch

1964, Bailey Bishop