Blog scam/spam


There is a spam currently making its way through art and culture blogs about a contest held at the Hirshhorn in Washington D.C. Here’s one example:

Although the images might be pleasant to look at, please note that there is no such contest or exhibition of winning entries associated with The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (the correct name and spelling). This is a wonderful museum, where the actual names of artists are always listed along with the work, unlike this blog spam.

It does a disservice to the Museum and to Peter Callesen, the real artist of these cut paper works, to scam the readers with this incorrect information. I’m sorry that so many legitimate bloggers did not check the information before posting it and passing it on.

For more information on the real Museum, see


but why they made spam content, what for?

Unfortunately this type of thing happens all over. I'm wondering if perhaps the admin there is capable of preventing such nonsense?