College Book Art Association

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I will be away later this week at the first meeting of the College Book Art Association. http://www.collegebookart.
The CBAA supports and promotes academic book arts education by fostering the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship and criticism.

Despite summer floods and winter storms, book arts survive in Iowa City and the conference offers, among other things, a great opportunity to explore the Center for the Book, an interdisciplinary arts and research unit located within the University of Iowa Graduate College. The UICB integrates the art of book production with the study of the book in society by offering a curricula in book technologies and book history.

The first CBAA biennial is entitled: Art, Fact, and Artifact: the Book in Time and Place. More information is available at the conference website: Along with session programming, the conference agenda will include keynote speakers, exhibits, tours of facilities, open discussion time, and portfolio reviews.

My presentation is Between the Biblia Pauperum and the Graphic Novel: A Survey of Block Books, Plate Books, and Books from Stone. It is a work in progress. I post the powerpoint images for the talk here, in case you can’t make it to Iowa.

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May I respectfully suggest using
next time for the powerpoint stuff.

Reason being that I can't find out that I have to upgrade my pwpt prog. until the thing has finished d/loading. And of course I have no clue where the relevant MS disk might be.
(Sorry I'm missing it - I see diapsalmata was impressed by your talk!)