Andy Warhol's "a is an alphabet"

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), a is an alphabet. Text by Ralph Thomas (Corkie) Ward. ([New York: Andy Warhol, 1953]). Graphic Arts GAX N7433.4.W37 A4 1969

Princeton University libraries hold two copies of this thin portfolio of 26 offset lithographs issued in a vellum paper cover with a typewritten label. The one in graphic arts was given by Warhol to then curator Gillett Griffin. It is one of a series of books and multiples Warhol printed from 1953 to 1959 as personal gifts. “[Each] month, he’d send art directors hand-finished work that looked for all the world like original art. He might, for example, mail out stamps of hand-colored butterflies. Or packages of birdseed, with instructions to plant the seeds and watch as they grew to become birds. Starting in 1953, the gifts became more elaborate. Warhol embarked on a series of privately printed books. In that year, he turned out four: Love is a Pink Cake, A is an Alphabet, A House That Went to Town, and There Was Rain in the Street.” Happily, Graphic Arts was on the Warhol mailing list and received copies of A is an Alphabet and Love is a Pink Cake.

For more information see Andy Warhol Prints by Jorg Schellmann, updated by Frayda Feldman, 2003. Marquand Library Oversize ND237.W16 F44 2003q

See also Love is a Pink Cake Graphic Arts GAX N7433.4.C67 A4 1969


i have a alphabet sketch that seems to be signed lightly in pencil is this a print or an original. i would appreciate any info.

Andy Warhol was ahead of his time. I still think people today don't fully understand the amount of meaning he put into simple things, such as his private mailings as your describe.

What an interesting individual!