Bookplate collection of C.N. Carver, Class of 1913

Clifford Nickels Carver (1891-1965), Princeton Class of 1913, served as secretary (1914-1915) to Walter H. Page, the American ambassador in London, as secretary (1915) to Edward Mandell House in Europe, and as assistant to Bernard M. Baruch working for the War Industries Board, and to his commission in the U.S. Navy attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence (1917-1918). His papers in the Mudd Library archive (MC010) also highlight another facet of Carver’s interests, that of bookplate collecting.

His papers include bookplates by well-known Americans, Princetonians, and Europeans, with related correspondence and articles including “Modern American Book-plates” and “Three Victorian Book-plates.” We recently discovered nine additional leather bound volumes, each one dedicated to a single bookplate engraver with individual examples Carver trimmed and glued one per page. These volumes are on their way to MC010, where they will join the others in Carver’s archive.

Here are a few examples, first of Carver’s own bookplate and then, several from the volume dedicated to Charles William Sherborn (1831-1912), who specialized in heraldic designs.