Announcing the Horrid and Barbarous Execution of the Late Unfortunate Monarch

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The Tragedy of Louis Capet: Being a true and authentic narrative of the horrid and barbarous execution of the late unfortunate monarch, Louis XVIth of France, who was beheaded, on the twenty first of January, 1793. [Boston]: Sold next the venerable stump of Liberty-Tree [by Ezekiel Russell, 1793]. Printed and sold by Edward Gray, 1793. Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) Hamilton 1367

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This early American broadside was published to announce the execution of Louis XVI (1754-1793). The king had been arrested in 1792, tried and found guilty of treason.

After being removed from the monarchy, Louis was given a commoner’s name, Louis Capet, and under that name was executed on January 21, 1793. The sheet sold for “Two Shilling and Eight per dozen and Four Pence single.” Also included are three poems, entitled Occasioned by the Death of Louis XVIth, On the Decolation of Louis 16, and The Queen’s Lamentation for the Death of her Beloved Louis.