Frans Masereel's cuts for Some Corners of the Heart


Henri Barbusse and Frans Masereel, Quelques Coins du coeur (Some Corners of the Heart), (Genève: Le Sablier, 1921). Graphic Arts (GAX) 2010- in process

The Flemish artist Frans Masereel (1889-1972) is best remembered for his graphic novels, in the classic sense of the term. Masereel settled originally in France but moved a great deal, returning to Paris in 1921 when he completed the illustrations for Henri Barbusse’s novel Quelques coins du coeur (Some Corners of the Heart). In all, Masereel completed over twenty graphic novels, most of which are available at Princeton.


As a pacifist, soon to be member of the French communist party, Masereel had great sympathy for the work of Henri Barbusse (1873-1935), who was also politically outspoken. Both campaigned in 1921 in favor of Sacco and Vanzetti. 1921 was also the year Barbusse completed Le Couteau entre les dents (The Knife Between My Teeth), which reflected his sympathy with Bolshevism.


Most of Masereel's graphic novels are again in print, thanks to the Dover Press. They are worth a look.

Frans' cuts are awesome!
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