Sea Monster Spotted 1795


Wahre Beschreibung des Seewunders oder Wassermanns, der im letzten Herbst im Venetianischen Meerbusen auf der dalmatischen Küste sich gezeigt hat, und zur Verwunderung und fast Ensetzen von vielen tausend Meschen gesehen worden (Nachrichten aus Italien, 1796). Graphic Arts GAX 2011- in process

This news pamphlet, illustrated with a large woodcut of a merman, gives an account of a sea monster, who supposedly appeared off the coast of Dalmatia near the city of Ragusa, present day Dubrovnik, in October 1795. He was a giant with long flowing hair who walked out of the water and spent time roaming the coast, all the while screaming and gesticulating. He was said to have eaten several young boys.

See also The Merman’s Diversion [harlequinade manuscript] (England. ca. 1776]). Cotsen Children’s Library (CTSN) Manuscripts 23903