Casting Type

Graphic Arts is the fortunate new owner of a handheld type mould made by Stan Nelson. Rather than try to photograph the mould, here’s a youtube video of Mr. Nelson using one to cast type. This is one of four videos he made, each one better than the next.

In case you do not know of Mr. Nelson, here is a small section of his online biography:
Stan Nelson is Museum Specialist Emeritus in the Graphic Arts Collection, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History. In three decades of employment he worked with the history of printing technology, mainly from the first four centuries of printing, and focused on typefounding, including punchcutting and casting type from hand moulds. He has given numerous lectures and conducted workshops and seminars on typefounding and printing. Since retiring, he has taught the History of Typography at the University of Virginia’s Rare Book School. His honors and awards include the Typophiles Award and the American Printing History Association’s 25th annual Laureate Award.