Members of the Princeton University faculty are among those testifying, as Cabinet Magazine goes on trial

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In connection with the launch of Cabinet magazine’s new anthology, those responsible for the publication will be called to the dock to answer for their activities. Inspired by Dada mock trials, this event brings together a formidable cast of litigators and judges in a format mixing serious debate with courtroom drama. Testifying with be Julieta Aranda, Claire Bishop, D. Graham Burnett, Natalie de Souza, Hal Foster, Ben Kafka, Frederick Kaufman, and Sina Najafi, among many others.

For more than a decade, Cabinet has published essays and artist projects that have ranged far and wide in topic and tone. To some, this breadth of interests suggests an ethically grounded culture of curiosity about the world. For others, this eclecticism is merely the symptom of an undisciplined dilettantism that fails to engage the crucial issues of today. It is time for a reckoning!

The New York Public Library presents Cabinet on Trial: A Magazine of No qualities? Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 6:00 p.m. The New York Public Library, 5thAvenue at 42nd Street, New York City.

D. Graham Burnett is an editor at Cabinet. With Jeff Dolven, he teaches “Critique and Its Discontents” at Princeton University, where he runs the graduate program in History of Science. Hal Foster is Townsend Martin Class of 1917 Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University. Sina Najafi is editor-in-chief of Cabinet magazine and the editorial director of Cabinet Books. He has taught at Cooper Union, Yale, and RISD, and studied Comparative Literature at Princeton University, Columbia University, and New York University.