Happy Earth Day! (or: RETURN OF THE SNAKEHEAD)

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My (relatively) new-found fascination with snakeheads is now shared by The New York Times.

Rachel just sent me an e-mail with a link to this article (headed by a photo of a snakehead and a guy who looks eerily like Hugh Laurie).

Key excerpt:

Sure, you could argue that we humans have abused nature far more than nature has abused us. You could also argue that these portentous nature shows are merely playing on the secret desire we all have to feel that there is still some danger, some life-or-death excitement, left in this sterilized, seat-belted, stay-on-marked-trails world.

But while you’re making these arguments, a bear may be breaking into your garage, your neighbor’s pet boa is probably making its way into your closet, and a flatworm could be laying eggs in your blood vessels. So sure, on Earth Day, all hail nature for its beauty and wonder. But remember that, as that volcano in Iceland reminds us, it’s also violent, and hungry. Very hungry.

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