"To see elements of science on stage was a wonderful thing for me."

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IMG00055-20100417-1630.jpgHere we are in the break between the two shows, during which I grab dinner, wait for the 6:00 reception, and do my blogging duty, especially in light of the recent shout-out we received during the matinee talk-back. (Hello, new readers!) Other items of note from the talk-back: Steve conducted the entire thing with the lemur (which received a longer introduction, perhaps, than the rest of the participants) in his lap, Michael explained how our class's overwhelming and sometimes contradictory statistics and notes on "average Americans' views on climate change" suggested a tango beat, and a gentleman in the audience recalled how he authored a paper on aerospace technology in the late 70s on how technology could predict the Earth's capacity, and what to do to avoid overusing our resources. No one cared to implement his suggestions, he said, and he saw some of the same frustration in some characters in the play.


Audience members seemed curious to learn what happens next. So are we all, I believe. I can only answer for the next four hours: reception, 7:30 show, and then...who knows?

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