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This site was created in the fall of 2008 by students in JRN 449: The Journalism of Energy and Climate Change. The contributors can be contacted through Princeton's online directory.


MichelleArader.jpgMichelle Arader ('10) is from Riverside, CT. Her major is in the Spanish and Portuguese Department and she is pursuing the certificate in Environmental Studies. She is a member of the Princeton Sailing Team and Tiger Inn and enjoys tutoring local middle-schoolers. She loves the outdoors and traveling and will be studying abroad in Spain in Spring '09.

 NathanBuch.jpgNathan Buch ('10) is from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently a Mechanical Engineering major at Princeton University. Ever since he went on a few wilderness canoe trips around Hudson's Bay in Canada, he has been determined to make the civilization he lives in resemble the cleaner, sustainable world he fell in love with up north.  As a result, he is pursuing the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Studies certificates. In addition to canoeing, Nathan plays the steel drum and enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy.

ChandlerClay.jpgChandler Clay (’10) is from Montchanin, DE. She is an Economics major receiving the Environmental Studies Certificate. On campus, Chandler is a member of Princeton’s Varsity Fencing Team and Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. She also enjoys playing field hockey, painting, and traveling.

 Carolyn Edelstein (’10) is a Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs major with Environmental Studies and East Asian Studies certificates. On campus, she is co-president of Greening Princeton, a board member of the International Relations Council, and performs in campus plays with Theatre Intime and the Princeton Shakespeare Company. She is from Toronto, a city with a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility (but that might harbor a secret desire for a little global warming to take the edge off those bitter Canadian winters).

KatherineGaudyn.jpgKatherine Gaudyn (’11) is from Chicago, IL. She has yet to declare a major, but is thinking about pursuing a degree in politics and public policy and a certificate in Chinese language and culture. She is particularly interested in climate policy. Katherine is an editor for Princeton’s American Foreign Policy magazine and volunteers with Community House. She is also an avid supporter of AC Milan and the Chicago Bears.

AnnGong.jpgAnn Gong (’10) is from Redmond, WA. She is a Politics major with a certificate in Environmental Studies. She is a member of Princeton’s Varsity Fencing Team, NAACHO, Outdoor Action, the Bric-a-Brac yearbook, and she is also a copy editor for Prism magazine. Ann can imitate flickers, in addition to other animals, and is guilty of tree-hugging.


Danny Growald ('11) is from Vermont. He intends to major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and to pursue the Environmental Studies certificate. At Princeton, Danny is Co-Chair of SURGE (Students United for a Responsible Global Environment). At an early age, he fell in love with the natural world, and it is this passion that drives him to work on environmental issues. Danny is very focused on the issues of climate change and is particularly intrigued by the intersection between social and environmental issues. He hopes to find ways to simultaneously improve both human wellbeing and environmental health.

ColinHanna.jpgColin Hanna (’11) grew up in Indonesia and Hong Kong before moving to California. He is undecided about a major, but plans on receiving certificates in Chinese and Environmental Studies. He is also a varsity swimmer and enjoys snowboarding, reggae and the occasional fantasy book. 

AliKelley.jpgAli Kelley (’09) is from Colorado. She is a Politics major. Although she loves Princeton, she cannot wait to return to her home state of Colorado, where she delights in many outdoor activities, including running, hiking, road biking, and fly fishing. Ali is passionate about conservation and has high hopes for the Obama administration's forthcoming environmental policies. She finds inspiration in the writing of Michael Pollan and the columnists Thomas Friedman and David Brooks.

PeterMaass.jpgPeter Maass ('83, UC Berkeley) is a writer for The New York Times Magazine and author of Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War (1996) as well as Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil (2009). He enjoys basketball, kimchi, swimming in lakes, collapsing dictatorships and (new to his favorites list) teaching, thanks to the great students in his journalism seminar at Princeton.


Caroline Markowitz (’11) is from Baltimore, MD. Her major is undecided but she is hoping to receive a certificate in Environmental Studies. She is a member of Princeton’s Varsity Lacrosse Team.

AbbyPoats.jpgAbby Poats ('09) is from Bethesda, MD. She is a Politics major also receiving the Environmental Studies certificate. She is a member of Princeton Unicef, Greening Princeton, kappa alpha theta, and Tiger Inn. Following her junior spring studying abroad in South Africa, Abby is particularly interested in energy and environmental challenges facing developing countries, particularly in Africa. She hopes to spend a year or two abroad working with an environmental or community development organization after her graduation this June.

AlexRenauld.jpgAlex Renaud (’09) is from Chevy Chase, MD.  He lived two blocks from the National Zoo in Washington, DC 'til he was four and has had a passion for the environment and the great outdoors ever since. He is majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies. Alex often enjoys canoeing, sailing, and skiing. He also is a member of Princeton’s Rugby Team and is leader for the freshman orientation program: Outdoor Action.

Leah Samaha (’10) is from Tampa, FL. She is an English major receiving a certificate in African American Studies. She is an intern at Princeton Alumni Weekly and staff writer for “The Street” section of The Daily Princetonian. Leah loves puppies, dancing, and the environment.

RaymondWeitekamp.jpgRaymond Weitekamp ('10) is from California.  He is a Chemistry major, interested in pursuing research in energy applications.  He is fond of polymers and solar energy, particularly in combination.  Outside of lab, Raymond is romantically involved with WPRB 103.3 FM and Terrace F. Club.  He is a member of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, and makes sample-based electronic music under the moniker Altitude Sickness



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