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For information on requesting maintenance or service, including extermination services, see the maintenance page.

The floors in buildings 2-7 are of vinyl linoleum. The bedrooms and living rooms in buildings 1 and 8-14 are carpeted, and the kitchen floors are linoleum. The bathroom is ceramic tile in all apartments.

The walls of the apartments are painted the standard white in buildings 1-7, while they are slightly off-white in buildings 8-14. Pictures can be hung with small nails or picture hooks. Adhesives and larger nails are prohibited.

Telephone jacks and Ethernet ports are available in all apartments, in the living room as well as the bedrooms. If you want phone service, you must contact Verizon.

If you desire cable television ($20-$60 per month, depending on your package), you must contact a third-party provider such as Comcast. After several years of requests, the university has decided that Lawrence does not need Tigernet, the university-subsidized package of cable channels. You may attempt to use an indoor antenna to receive free broadcasts, but most apartments outside of the high-rise do not receive good reception. Residents are not permitted to install satellite dishes.

In buildings 1-7, where the cost of electricity is not included in the rent, you should contact PSE&G to ensure that the electricity will be on when you move in. If you experience problems with PSE&G, read this FAQ item.

The Kitchen is equipped with a gas range (buildings 1-7) or electric range (buildings 8-14) and a refrigerator. Ventilation hoods are also installed in buildings 1 & 8-14.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are located in each apartment, and there are fire alarms in the hallways. Generally, the apartment smoke detectors are on the ceiling just outside the kitchen. Carbon monoxide detectors are the small devices that are plugged into an outlet, usually near the entry door.

A layout of most of the apartments can be found here. We have also posted photos of some empty apartments.

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