Lawrence Committee - December Meeting Minutes

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Here are the minutes from the meeting on Sunday, Dec. 10:

  1. We discussed the issue of loud noise and parties going on late at night in the Bldg 14 community room. Tara will check to see if the group had requested the room and we therefore can contact them directly. Furthermore, Tamas will make a sign of courtesy rules for the door. Lastly, we (patrick or I) will email the lawrence community to reinforce the idea of the sign on the door. We will put in the email the protocol for how to handle these situations, the number for Public Safety, and the reminder that all events must be registered with Tara.
  2. Our budget for the remainder of the year is $950. We plan on having a meeting in early Feb. to plan a Feb. event, perhaps a V-day thing with pizza?
  3. Tamas will post the lovely photo on the website of our Lawrence complex.
  4. The TV in the high-rise will stay with us. We will furthermore email the community in a separate email from the one above, advertising the existence of this TV for dvd-watching.
  5. Shuttle focus group meeting went really well and was very productive.
  6. Housing policy meeting focused on GC issues, the demise of the "intent to vacate" form, and issues with the draw testing that is ongoing.
  7. There has been a new hire at Housing: Scott Baldwin will fill the long-vacant position of grad housing manager. Tara feels very optimistic about this hire.
  8. GSG meeting: there was praise for Lawrence's geothermal energy use? Did anyone even know about this?
  9. Next meeting is set for Feb. 11, 8:30pm.
  10. Tara is pressing for our committee to go from having the current 4 housing perks to having 6 or 7--Thanks, Tara!!

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