Lawrence Committee - May Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for May 16, 2007 Meeting:

  1. Next meeting is set for early September
  2. The Ice Cream Social took place on Wednesday May 16th. The total money spent for this event was approximately $300.
  3. Tara checked with Patriot Media regarding the cable service in the Lawerence 14 common room. Since we only pay 15 dollars for the basic coverage, we get very limited number of channels. Upgrading to include most other cable channels is not going to happen due to the excessive cost (> $50)
  4. It was reported that the TV remote in the high rise is missing. Patrick suggested purchasing a universal remote. No final decision has been reached.
  5. Issues regarding package pickup were discussed after receiving complaints from several resident regarding problems picking up packages. one idea is to have the superintendent sign the carrier slip but the hour he is present at the Lawrence Apt are too little to be of practical use. Another idea is to allow residents the option of redirecting packages to the Porter Lodge in GC. This would obviously require making prior arrangements. No decision has been made.
  6. The sensor on the traffic light at the intersection of Alexander and Lawrence Drive does not work reliably. Residents complained of excessive long wait (some up to 20 minutes). One idea proposed involve putting a ground sensor. All agreed that the university needs to be made aware of this so they can contact the township.
  7. EXTRA $$$ - Since there are some extra money left from the budget, it was suggested that the money be spent on purchasing of outdoor equipment. Items include lawn furniture (hammock) and a bicycle pump. The purchase of more vacuum cleaner was also brought up, however due to the fact that vacuuming are not promptly returned led to the suggestion that the residents should be responsible for their own vacuum.
  8. Soliciting Signs - Concerns were raised in the past regarding excessive solicitation from outside vendors in the Lawerence Apartment complex. The housing office has decided NOT to put up the 'NO SOLICITING' sign. Rather it suggests that the students call public safety if they see any anything.
  9. Concerns were raised that the identically marked entrances in the low-rise has led to unreliable newspaper delivery. Possible solution include putting some sign to differentiate the entrances. No formal decision has been reached
  10. Road signs for the access road to the clubhouse has been installed.
  11. The housing office is concerned about the lack of consistent policy regarding hosting social events involving alcohol university housing. One possible outcomes is that we may be required to have members of the public safety as well as a alcohol server for any alcohol-related events having more than 50 people. The extra cost associated with this will impact our rather modest budget. This issue is currently under active discussion.
  12. Concerns were raised regarding the presence of stray cats in the apartment complex. It was suggested that the animal shelter be contacted

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