Lawrence Committee - November Meeting Minutes

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At our meeting on 11/15/06, we discussed the following:

  1. The next meeting will be in the high-rise community room, Dec. 10, at 8:30pm.
  2. Patty Smith attended our meeting and discussed several things:
    • Major maintenance requests: a second bike shelter for new lawrence is still "alive," but the funding had to be reallocated last year due to unexpected systems failures on campus.
    • There is expected to be some landscaping around new lawrence sometime soon
    • Outdoor furniture is under consideration as a major maintenance request
    • Dave Young is working on getting more grills and some picnic tables for the complex
    • There will be a new grad manager, a position that has been vacant for 2 yrs
    • Patty managed to get the high-rise outgoing mailbox going again--Yeah!
    • We discussed some issues with intrusive entries into apartments without proper notification, recently with the CO monitor maintenance and earlier with OIT and the installation of wireless. Unfortunately, OIT will have to cut holes in the walls of the lowrise apts *again* b/c they didn't do the job properly at first.
  3. There have finally been some lines painted in front of the high-rise to designate a no-parking zone. We requested better signage there as well.
  4. Patty said that there is still a major maintenance request under consideration to move the bike racks at New Lawrence from in front of people's windows.
  5. The crosswalks are in for the new road to the golf course, but the signage is to come.
  6. Housing is reviewing the "no children in the high-rise" policy. Thank you, Katie.
  7. Tamas noted that the fire safety policy for Lawrence on the internet expired in 2004. This has been brought to Patty's attention.
  8. We planned a wine and cheese for Thurs. Nov. 16, which went off smashingly.

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Random Tip

  • Do not store items (bikes, strollers, boxes, etc) in the hallways. They will be removed.
  • See more neighborly reminders.