Lawrence Committee - January Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for January 16, 2008 Meeting:

  1. First Meeting of 2008. Patrick, Charles, Katie, Tamas and Olivia were present
  2. Current budget is around $1500 with another $1100 from the Soverign Bank account. The committee talked are still discussing ways that money could be spent.
  3. Construction/maintenance work at both Laundry Facilities were discussed. Bld 14 construction should have been wrapped by by 1/15/08.
  4. Potential opening on the Lawerence committee and the possiblity of spring election were discussed. However, due to the absence of few members, it was decided that the issue will be discussed at the next month's meeting.
  5. It was decided that an email will be sent out to all of Lawrence to ask the residents to provide feedback on any issues that concerns them. This definitely include on items that we can purchase with our fund to improve the living conditions.
  6. Residents have inquired about pest control issue at Lawerence. Residents are advised to contact the housing office to arrange an appointment with the exterminator
  7. Next Lawerence committee meeting will be held on 2/20/08

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