Lawrence Committee - February Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for February 20, 2008 Meeting:

  1. Second Meeting of 2008. Everyone is present
  2. Current budget is around $1400 with another $1100 from the Soverign Bank account. Various ideas for improvements were discussed. These include ping pong table, replacing barbecue grill, replace the hammock, purchasing board games for the residents, and possibly constructing an covered area for bike storage, and decorating the hallway of buildings with pictures from the photo contest. It has been discussed the deadline for the photo contest will be extended till after spring break. No final decisions have been made.
  3. The next Lawrence committee social event will be Wine and Cheese to be held on 3/11/08 from 7pm to 9pm.
  4. Potential opening on the Lawerence committee and the possiblity of spring election were discussed. There will be a couple of positions opening up. Details about the election will be emailed to the Lawrence residents very soon.
  5. The campus safety walk will start on 3/4/08 to assess the street light conditions from Lawerence Apt to campus. One of the biggest concern is the lack of street lights along Alexander Road between Faculty road and Wawa. One member of the Lawerence committee will attend this event.
  6. Residents have inquired about the proper procedure for contacting pest control. The standard procedure is that the residents must contact the facilities first.
  7. 2 to 3 new shopping carts will be added soon for residents to use.
  8. Next Lawerence committee meeting will be held on 3/12/08

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