Lawrence Committee - May Meeting Minutes

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The minutes from the May 2009 meeting of the Lawrence committee have been posted.

Minutes for May 21, 2008 Meeting:

  1. Attendance:
    • Keren Leiby
    • Yaron Ayaleon
    • Kim Tu
    • Ye Chen
    • Philip Wood
    • Melanie Wood
    • Tamas Papp
    • Charles Lu
  2. The spring barbecue was a success with an estimated 250 people attending. After all the expense has been tallied, we have roughly 170 dollars left. It was decided that the remaining money will be spent on a another social before it expires at the end of June. After some discussion, it was decided to hold a ice cream social. The exact time has not been decided but it will probably be during the first week of June. Since Olivia was not present at the meeting it was decided to make sure that the ice cream social will not clash with other social events planned around that week.
  3. During last week's barbecue, Yi Chen attened the GSG meeting and has the following relevant points to report:
    1. Housing Perks - The University and the facility committee are aware of the recent issues regarding the number of housing perks awarded by the graduate school housing to the students. Currently the changes to the current policy is under examination and the University promised that a new policy will be put in place before the next housing draw (March 2009).
    2. There will be summer assemblies for graduate students. The assemblies will be held on the first Wednesday of every month.
    3. The survey for the new shuttle route change has received many negative response. Most of the negative response stemmed from the fact that under the new route/schedule graduate students from Lawerence will be forced to transfer to get to certain locations on campus. As a result, the implementation of the new schedules will be delayed so further study can be made. As a side note, there are some good changes proposed in the new schedule. This include more shuttles for evenings and weekend shuttles to various shopping centers nearby.
  4. The Lawerence committee has received feedback from the constitution committee regarding the constitution-writing progress. One of the issue was whether any new drafts of the constitution will need to be approved by the Lawerence committee before submitting to the public residents for a vote. The Lawrence committee felt that the best approach would be to have the constitution committee submit a draft to the Lawerence commitee where it will be approved by a simple majority. Then the draft will be held to a vote by all the Lawrence residents. Since there are still lingering concerns about the number of housing perks as well as the number of positions on the Lawrence committee, it was agreed that these issues will be discussed further in September where all the Lawrence residents will be asked to vote on these issues.

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