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Is smoking allowed?

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Smoking is prohibited in hallways, lounges, and common spaces, in accordance with the NJ Smokefree Air Act. While smoking is allowed in individual apartments, Princeton's policy is to encourage smokers limit their smoking to outside areas, at least 20 feet away from buildings.

This policy is particularly relevant in cases where smokers have neighbors who may be bothered by or allergic to smoke. If a non-smoking neighbor approaches you, as a smoker, with a complaint, please be respectful of your neighbor and attempt to accommodate him by smoking outside, far enough from the building that the smoke will not be blown into any open windows.

(Updated Spring, 2011)

The Lawrence Committee has been advocating for a change in the smoking policy with the housing department. We have been notified by Housing that Lawrence Building 1 will be a non-smoking building beginning 2011-2012 (this coming school year).  This information was noted in the Room Draw Guide last year.  It will also be communicated again in the Room Draw Guide this year. Other buildings may become non-smoking in following years.

Lawrence Committee - November Meeting Minutes

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The minutes from the November 2009 meeting of the Lawrence committee have been posted. The next meeting is scheduled for December 10, 2009 at 8:30PM in the community room at 14 Lawrence Drive. The elections for the 2010 committee will be held at this meeting!

Lost and Found - FedEx Poster Tube Delivery

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A Lawrence resident reported a missing package, supposedly delivered by FedEx on November 13th. It was addressed to Seth Stone in building 1, apartment 1202. If you received this package by mistake, please return it to Seth as soon as possible. I'll let his description of the contents speak for itself:

"The print was an artist's rendition of a couple of soldiers - amongst them is my friend who died."

Neighborly Reminders

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The superintendent would like to make the following announcements.

  • Please take your garbage out in a timely manner. If, in the process of taking out the garbage, you spill liquid in the hallway or stairwell, please clean it up. This is common courtesy--no one wants to smell your rotting garbage, and it's your responsibility to clean up after yourself.
  • Do not store any items (strollers, bicycles, boxes, etc) in the hallways or stairwells. It is against fire code and university policy. Items stored improperly will be tagged and removed. There is a charge to reclaim items that have been removed.
  • Use the bike racks, not trees or light poles, to lock up your bicycle. Bikes locked to objects other than the racks will be removed.

Lost and Found: Cell Phone

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A Lawrence resident found a cell phone. The phone is a T-Mobile-branded Nokia phone. For more information, please contact the Lawrence Committee.

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