Lawrence Committee - May Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the May 18, 2011 meeting have been posted.

Minutes of the May 18, 2011 meeting:




Jose Azar

Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu

Olivia Martel

Karin McDonald

Daniell Rowles

Jakub Szefer

Yavuz Yetim

Tao Yue

Shuwa Xu


The following major issues were discussed:


1.     The Lawrence Committee Sovereign account currently has approximately $745.94. The Committee's Graduate School account has $412.80. The sum of $157 is to be deducted from the Graduate School account for ice-cream social related purchases.

2.     Housing Policy Committee Meeting:

a.     Lockout Policy: There was a misunderstanding about what disciplinary action after being locked out repeatedly involves. It means that if you are locked out repeatedly, housing will talk with you.

b.     Retention-Based Room Draw: They are discussing the possibility of making it possible to stay in an apartment for more than one year without entering the room draw every year. There are some issues with this proposal, such as 1st years leaving the G.C. being at a disadvantage, which are being studies.

3.     There will be construction work in buildings 1 and 8-14 during the summer. For this reason, there will be fencing temporarily around these buildings.

4.     TV Purchase: We are in the process of purchasing a new TV and a BluRay player for the community room of building 14. In particular, we are planning to buy a Dynex™ - 46" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV. We will close the Sovereign account and use that money for the purchase.

We are planning to buy some tools for gardening, including some containers to store spare seeds that other people could use.

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