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Is smoking allowed?

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Smoking is prohibited in hallways, lounges, and common spaces, in accordance with the NJ Smokefree Air Act. While smoking is allowed in individual apartments, Princeton's policy is to encourage smokers limit their smoking to outside areas, at least 20 feet away from buildings.

This policy is particularly relevant in cases where smokers have neighbors who may be bothered by or allergic to smoke. If a non-smoking neighbor approaches you, as a smoker, with a complaint, please be respectful of your neighbor and attempt to accommodate him by smoking outside, far enough from the building that the smoke will not be blown into any open windows.

(Updated Spring, 2011)

The Lawrence Committee has been advocating for a change in the smoking policy with the housing department. We have been notified by Housing that Lawrence Building 1 will be a non-smoking building beginning 2011-2012 (this coming school year).  This information was noted in the Room Draw Guide last year.  It will also be communicated again in the Room Draw Guide this year. Other buildings may become non-smoking in following years.

What permissions do guests need to stay in my apartment?

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Space in University housing is made available to regularly enrolled graduate students of Princeton for their personal use, and use of such space cannot be transferred to any other individual.  Visitors are allowed in housing throughout the 24-hour day, yet the presence of guests or visitors must not interfere with other residents' normal activities.  Roommates are expected to be sensitive to each other's need for privacy as well as reasonable about the need for occasional guests or visitors to the unit.  The University strongly encourages that residents get 48-hours advance consent from and give advance notice to all other roommates before having guests or visitors.  In the case of overnight guests or visitors, 48 hour advance consent from all roommates is required.  Extended visits of more than three days and two nights are not permitted.

Parking is for resident use and only those guests with a valid visitors parking permit may park at or in housing unit lots or parking areas.  Overnight sleeping in common areas of the building is prohibited.  Disputes or concerns surrounding guests should be brought to the attention of the Manager for Graduate Housing for resolution.  The University may deny guest privileges and impose disciplinary action if this policy is abused.

Is there storage space available?

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That depends on what building you live in. Consult the information on storage on this page.

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