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How can I get a key to the garden?

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If the gophers and bunnies can get in, why can't you? (Seriously, the key that opens the building doors also opens the padlock on the garden gate.)

Someone keeps leaving menus on my door!

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Sometimes residents are disturbed by unwanted solicitation. If you see solicitors around the complex, don't let them into the buildings! If you receive unwanted solicitation, contact Public Safety.

Is it necessary to reserve a grill in advance?

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There are several grilling areas in the Lawrence complex. There is no process for reserving the grills. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I use the community room?

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Of course! The community room and kitchen are unlocked and available for all residents. If you would like to host an activity or event in the either community room (building 1 or building 14), please contact your Community Programs Coordinator, Olivia Martel for room availability, information, and room policies & procedures.

If you have a larger event planned, you must contact Olivia Martel and fill out an Events Registration Form.

What's wrong with the elevator?

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The elevators in buildings 10 and 12 are equipped with an unusual safety feature. If the door tries to close and is forced open three times, the elevator will shut off. The elevator can only be restarted by a qualified person. To avoid this occurrence, please use the Door Open button rather than just holding the door.

Barbecue Grills

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There are three grill areas in the Lawrence Complex: behind building 10, behind building 14, and behind the bike shelter in the old Lawrence complex. There is no process or need for reserving the grills, rather they are on a first come, first serve basis. We haven't heard of much conflict.

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