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New TigerTransit Stop on The West Extended Line

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Beginning Monday, March 22nd, the West Extended Line has a new stop at Lawrence Drive. This makes a better way for Lawrence residents to get to Dinky/Dillon Gym and other places. For detailed schedule, please refer to TigerTransit website at




What's wrong with the traffic light?

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The traffic light that leads to Alexander Road is activated by a sensor. In the past, residents have experienced problems with the light not changing to green. These problems were reported to the university and the township and we believe the sensor is working properly at this point. If you experience problems, please contact Olivia Martel.

Where is the grocery store?

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There are many grocery stores near Princeton. Some favorites of Lawrence residents:

  • Wegman’s. A few miles south on Route 1, at the Nassau Park exit. Next to Target.
  • McCaffery’s. In the Princeton shopping center on Harrison. Within biking distance of campus.
  • ShopRite. A more budget-friendly store. A few miles south on Route 1, at the Province Line exit. Near Office Depot.
  • Whole Foods. Expensive and organic. South on Route 1, just past Meadow Road. Also accessible by bike. Near Staples.
  • Whole Earth Center. Organic and natural foods. On Nassau, just past Harrison.
  • Trader Joe’s (coming Fall 2009). South on Route 1, exit Meadow road. Next to Lowe’s.

In the fall and spring, there is a weekly farmer’s market on campus.

The university operates several free shuttle lines, including lines from Lawrence to the academic portions of campus, other graduate housing complexes, and even some local shopping centers. For more information, consult the Tiger Transit website.

Walking to the Dinky Station on campus takes between 10 and 20 minutes for most people. Walking to the academic portion of campus takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on where you are going. Be sure to study a map first--cutting diagonally across campus can save a lot of time and is much prettier than walking along the major streets!

Many people in Lawrence have a bike. There are several cycling stores in town where you can get a decent bike for around $300. (Most services in Princeton are expensive, and bike repairs are no exception. Consider this before getting a flimsy bike from Wal-Mart for $100.) You can also purchase used bikes on TigerTrade. Every fall and spring, the university has a bike giveaway. The bikes are those found abandoned on the racks around campus, so they are of varying quality--if you want a decent bike, make sure to get there early!

Whether you should buy a car depends on your habits and budget. Single students with little grocery shopping to do usually manage to get by without a car (with occasional help from others, e.g. when transporting furniture). If you are from outside the US, make sure that you want to pay the cost of insurance and repairs before buying a car. If you have a driver's license, you can also rent a car for occasional trips.

Where can I buy furniture?

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If you want to buy new furniture, there are few options in Princeton other than Skillman's on Alexander Road, which tends to be outside of the typical graduate student budget. If you have access to a car, there are two IKEA stores about an hour away in Philadelphia, PA and in Elizabeth, NJ. (New Jersey has lower sales tax than Pennsylvania.)

Many graduate students choose to purchase used furniture. Unfortunately most students sell their furniture at the beginning of the summer, so students arriving in August or September won't always have the best selection. The best options for finding used furniture are Craigslist and Princeton's TigerTrade.

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