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Marriage as a human right and remembering Republicans are humans, too

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gaygop.jpgThis article was originally published by Freedom to Marry.

Paying almost any level of attention to the pseudo-reality that we call 'politics' in the United States, one might get the impression that identifying as 'conservative' is anathema to being 'gay' and vice-versa.  Hypocritical behavior like that of former Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman who publicly came out as gay recently, might certainly be viewed as validation of this 'reality'.  

The Republican Party will have you believe that you can use the same line of political reasoning to scoff at government's role in healthcare, as you can when vigorously maintaining a government interest in promoting an 'ideal' human relationship.  They call this all conservatism.  If you believe in by-your-bootstraps-capitalism, and marriage equality?  Why, then you're fiscally conservative, and socially liberal.