Where to buy Living Wear

Want to support a local Living Wage company?

Aztec Graphics is a screenprinter in Hamilton, NJ
(http://www.aztecgraphics.com/ <http://www.aztecgraphics.com/> ).   Request that the shirts come from a unionized supplier.   Gildan, which is a Living Wage company, is one that Aztec and many others already use.   In the past Aztec has also used a unionized factory out of Chicago called Union Line. This is a simple, one-step way to get your shirts as Aztec will take care of ordering from the factory and printing the shirts.  Most local screen printers–IF asked–will order shirts from unionized factories, especially if that means they keep your business.  Aztec is slightly pricier than the option above.

Want to support American unionized companies?

Start with No Sweat http://www.nosweatapparel.com/
<http://www.nosweatapparel.com/> ;
they only do wholesale orders.  The name of the contact there is Adam Neiman (adam@nosweatapparel.com <adam@nosweatapparel.com> ).  He “brokers”with different unionized factories (particularly Windjammer in Pennsylvania) to order shirts. No Sweat could also do your screenprinting, or you could give that business to a local place of your choice (especially if you want more artistic control). No Sweat also carries organic shirts made in Bethlehem (West Bank ­ not Pennsylvania!).  Adam may be able to work with the factories and really cut a good deal in getting you a lot of shirts.

Also check out 

Union Shirt Supply, www.unionshirtsupply.com
<http://www.unionshirtsupply.com> , sells union-made t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, reflective safety tees, and flame resistant shirts.

Source of products: Lifewear in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Want to support workers in factories abroad?

Look into www.shopschoolhouse.com <http://www.shopschoolhouse.com> This company, based in North Carolina, was founded by an American woman who went to Sri Lanka on a Fulbright. While there she was struck by the need for apparel industry workers to make a living wage, and so she established her own factory there. 

One-pocket one-color tees are $16.50 wholesale; four-color tees are $18.50. They have a 72 tee shirt minimum order and need lead time of 90-100 days. They also make sweatshirts, hoodies, yoga pants, and other items.

Please don¹t feel limited to the companies we suggest. Feel free to look for others ­ and to tell us about the good ones that you find so that we can add them to this site.

Just Shirts works in partnership with a women’s worker-owned cooperative in El Salvador to produce high quality fairly-traded and sweatshop-free
t-shirts, hoodies and canvas bags. Order online at www.justshirts.ca
<http://www.justshirts.ca/onlinestore.htm> .

Source of products: Cooperativa de Madres Solteras (Single Mother’s
Cooperative) in San Salvador, El Salvador

Nicaraguan Garment Workers Fund sells sweatshop-free, fairly-traded, and
100% certified organic tees and shirts. All of the profits go directly to
supporting the development of the Nueva Vida Cooperative in Nicaragua. Order online at www.ngwfund.org <http://www.ngwfund.org/> .

Source of products: COMAMNUVI (also known as Nueva Vida Cooperative and Fair Trade Zone) in Managua, Nicaragua  (This is the cooperative visited by the ORL group in the summer of 2010.)
Remember that Gildan (www.gildanonline.com), a frequently-used company, is a LivingWage corporation.  If it’s easiest for you, just make sure your order comes from them!