About this site

The intent of this site is to provide news updates about the Princeton University Blog Service and its server, as well as make available tips, tricks, and tutorials for the community of Movable Type users at Princeton.

You can reach this page via blogs.princeton.edu or www.princeton.edu/~blogs. In the event of a prolonged server outage, we will attempt to redirect the latter address to a page on another server in order to continue to update our users about the status of the outage. You can always check the Current Outages list on the OIT Help Desk main page for emergency outage information and scheduled future outages.

If you have any tips or techniques for using Movable Type at Princeton, feel free to use the comments, or contact blogs@princeton.edu with an idea for an article, and we may make you a guest author.

The Princeton University Blog Service is collaborative effort of the New Media Center (NMC) and the Educational Technologies Center (ETC), both part of OIT Academic Services at Princeton University. OIT Academic Services reserves the right to limit this blog service to weblogs that are academic-related and/or related to the mission of Princeton University.

Recent Entries

Expired guest accounts
[09 Aug 2011] A few dozen non-Princeton users are using the Guest Account Provisioning Service to access the blog admin interface.…
Syntax highlighting disabled
[16 Jun 2011] By default, Movable Type template editing screens load a JavaScript that dynamically adds line numbers and color-coding to the code…
RSS feeds and Roxen CMS
[21 Apr 2011] Some University organizations with sites in both Roxen CMS and blogs.princeton.edu have tried to use Roxen’s RSS component…
Brief outage 3/28, Mon. morning
[25 Mar 2011] There will be a brief emergency outage of the blogs.princeton.edu server on Monday, March 28. It will be…