Tip #01: Power-editing mode

An easily overlooked part of the Entries page of the Movable Type admin interface is the Open power editing mode link right below the “Search Entries” box. This screen allows the author to edit the Status, Title, Author, Category, and Date on multiple entries at once.

screenshot of open power editing mode link

More importantly, this is currently the only place within the MT interface where you can change an entry author (or even see the list of entry authors) unless you are a System Administrator.

Changing the “Authored On Date” on multiple entries can be useful if you are using your weblog as a simple content management system and are relying on the date for the entry sort order.

screenshot of power editing window

BTW, the “List Protected Entries” link at the bottom of the screenshot only works if you embed special tags in your blog template. More on that in a future tutorial.

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