Emergency outage 3/30

Update 3/30: The database migration went seamlessly, so now both the web server and the database server are running off of the same server box.

There will be an emergency outage of the blog server from 8 AM to 9 AM on Thursday, March 30.

Currently, the web server runs on a box named “Communitas,” and the database server runs on a box named “Gravitas.” Hackers recently compromised the web server on Gravitas; fortunately, this security breach did not affect the database.

We have decided to move the database over to Communitas. This will allow us to better monitor security because we only have to worry about one box.

The migration should take considerably less than one hour to complete. We will take the web server offline at 8 AM, then make a backup of the database. After we import the backup, we will bring the web and database servers back as soon as we can.

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