SendMail finally works!

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SendMail, which is a server-side agent that allows web scripts to send e-mail messages, now works on the blog server. I apologize that this has never been functional on the server before now.

What does this mean for users of the blog service?

Well, by default, any time someone posts a comment or TrackBack to your blog, and it does not get filtered into the Junk Comments or Junk TrackBacks folder, you should receive an e-mail notification. (There are three levels for comments—Published, Moderated, and Junked.)

The e-mail contains links that allow you to visit that entry directly, or to edit a comment, delete it, or promote a moderated comment.

Also, the password recovery feature (which can e-mail a forgotten password after the author provides the correct password hint) should work now.

1 Comment

Sounds like a good step forward. Notifications of new comments and/or trackbacks is a good way to keep blog communications moving. People like seeing their communications go live fast, if not immediately.

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