April 2006 Archives

PUBS welcomes ETC, etc.

The Princeton University Blog Service is gathering momentum, and many of our users (and their commenters) are publishing some amazing content.

In order to accommodate the explosive growth of the blog service, the Educational Technologies Center (ETC) will now be working closely with the New Media Center to provide back-end administration, draft blog service policy, support our users, produce content for the blogs.princeton.edu main site, and promote the blog service.

We have a number of exciting features planned as we upgrade the level of service.

One of the first planned additions will be a directory of weblogs authored by members of the Princeton University community. If you are a Princeton University blogger and would like to be part of this directory, please send an e-mail to blogs@princeton.edu.

This is no April Fool’s joke.

I have been trying, without success, to get the ImageMagick Perl module to compile and install on the server ever since we rebuilt the system on December 21. This module is required for the automatic generation of thumbnails via the Upload File dialog box, accessed via the left sidebar link in the admin interface.

However, Movable Type also provides hooks for another back-end image generator called NetPBM. I had also tried a few times to install and configure this module. Tonight I finally met with success.

PUBS logo

The linked image of the PUBS logo in this entry is an example of a pop-up window with an auto-generated thumbnail.