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Rescheduled outage

Update: 3/16 10:30 AM - The blog server is back up after the power outage. 

I had hoped to add more content to this weblog other than outage notices, and I will soon be posting updates on a planned move to a better server box and plans for migrating older blogs over to the Movable Type 4 Publishing Platform. However, we have two more OIT-wide outages to get through first. 

Outage #1: OIT has rescheduled February's power outage for Saturday, March 15 at 6 PM through March 16 at 10 PM. Most of servers at the main University data center, including the blog server, will be shut down for the installation of new electrical equipment. 

Outage #2: OIT will interrupt all campus networking services on Tuesday, March 18, from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM. This outage is due to various maintenance activities being performed.

Both the statically-published blog sites and the database-driven MT admin interface will be inaccessible during these times. As usual, you can monitor the left column of the OIT page for the latest outages: