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Admin directory change, 7/13

Following the blog server migration on Tuesday, July 13, there will be a change to the URL for the Movable Type admin interface that will impact some users of the older MT version. 


will now point to: 


The "mt4" URL will work exactly the same as before, but users of the current system will also have the "mt" option, and documentation will use the "mt" URL. 

Most affected will be users of the older Movable Type 3 (Movable Type Enterprise 1.56) system. Since this instance will no longer use the "mt" address, these user will have to use the following address: 


There will also be an explanation of this on the "mt" login page after the migration.

Migration completed, 7/13

Update: The migration went as planned, and we finished early. We may experience momentary server hiccups as we adjust the memory usage according to the server load.

We will be relocating the Movable Type blog installation to a brand new server location and moving the database to an external MySQL Enterprise server the morning of Tuesday, July 13. 

This will require a scheduled outage between 8 AM and 11 AM on Tuesday. We will try to maintain website access during most of that time. However, the need to place a freeze on file and database changes will require that we disable the admin interface. 

If all goes as planned, the entire three hours will not be necessary.