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Adding non-Princeton users

Blog administrators sometimes need to add users who have no direct affiliation with Princeton University. One past solution was to have a department create a Departmental Computer User (DCU) account. Another option was to create an "mt underscore" user and direct that user to a separate (no longer active) instance at

Fortunately, OIT's Security and Data Protection group came up with a much more elegant solution. Their Guest Account Provisioning service allows a Princeton University faculty or staff member to sponsor up to 25 guest accounts. A sponsor can set up and manage these accounts via an easy-to-use online tool.

The username for a guest account is the guest user's e-mail address. A common mistake is to leave off the text following the @. Guest accounts expire after one year, but can be renewed.

Once a sponsor has created a guest account, he or she can e-mail to request that the new user be added to the blog system.

Please carefully review the KnowledgeBase article about Guest Account Provisioning before proceeding with guest account creation.