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UploadDir plugin added

I added a new plugin to the Movable Type Enterprise 4 instance called UploadDir (Japanese to English, Google Translate link). The “Insert Image” and “Upload File” dialogs normally only have two default options,  “<site root>” and “<siteroot>/yyyy/mm/dd.” Then there is a text input field to manually specify another directory. This plugin auto-suggests an upload directory based on the three-letter file extension.

UploadDir dialog

Blog administrators can override the default settings under Tools → Plugins → UploadDir. Below are the default options:

audio: mp3,wma,m4a,midi,wav,aiff
videos: mp4,m4v,mpeg,avi,mov,wmv
images: bmp,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,tiff,png
text: txt
docs: pdf,doc,xls,ppt
src: pl,c,cc,pas,rb
archive: bz2,cab,gz,jar,lzh,rar,tar,taz,zip