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REU info session, Wednesday 1/22

(Email from Zhaonan)

For those of you who are interested in participating in an REU this summer, there will be some students who have done REUs before at the math departments’ afternoon tea time to share their experiences. The time and location are:

Wednesday Jan.22nd 3:30 pm
Fine Hall 3rd floor Common Room

Come talk to former REU students and ask any questions you might have! There will be cookies as well.


I’ve also copied Alan’s earlier email for your information.

If you want to learn more about REUs:
There’s quite a variety of REUs and many Princeton students have participated in the past, as you can see here:

Here is a long list of REUs:

Deadlines range from early February to early March, so you should do some research of your own before our info session. Also, please note that most will ask for 1 or 2 recommendation letters.

Meet Your Professor Lunch with Kaletha

Hi again nullset,

The second Meet Your Professor lunch of the semester will be held on Thursday, 14 Nov. 2013Tasho Kaletha will be holding lunch in the private dining room in Wu Hall, from 12:30 to 1:20 pm.
You can sign up on WASS at (search for the Mathclub calendar under Calendar Title).  If we exceed capacity, it’ll be first-come first-served with priority for students in MAT 215.
Please sign up soon if you’d like to participate!

2013 Mentoring Moebius Kick-Off

Hi everyone! Mentoring Mobius is a program run by Math Club where we put potential/current math majors and math grad students into small mentoring groups that meet up occasionally during the school year.  This year, each group will include a few underclassmen, a few upperclassmen, and a grad student who will organize study breaks.For underclassmen, this is a great way to meet people in the department and ask lots of questions about classes, summer opportunities, etc.

For upperclassmen, you get to help mentor freshmen while simultaneously being mentored by a grad student.  This is especially useful if you’re considering grad school.

Once formed, the groups will be able to decide themselves when and where they meet. We usually have a few orientation meetings (+ free food) where everyone meets together.

Sign up for Mentoring Mobius at this link by Friday. We hope to hold the first meeting Thursday, Nov 14 after 7:30 pm.

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