Math Club Events

Academic events

Undergraduate Colloquium

The Undergraduate Colloquium is an approximately weekly lecture series that covers a variety of mathematical topics. Talks often introduce important research problems and areas, and most are designed to be accessible with little formal background. Past speakers include Charles Fefferman, Peter Sarnak, Chris Skinner, Stefan van Zwam, and Mark Braverman, as well as the occasional graduate student and even more occasional undergraduate. Advertisements are sent to the nullset list.

Meet Your Professors

The Meet Your Professors (MYP) initiative brings students and faculty together for lunches and dinners in the residential colleges. The program supplements office hours and lectures as an opportunity to get to know faculty, and provides an informal but intellectually charged atmosphere that promotes close student-faculty connections. Advertisements are sent to the nullset list, and sign-ups are done through Princeton’s WASS service.

Mentoring Mobius

Mentoring Mobius is an event that organizes undergrad and grad students into small group so that students can learn from one another.

Advising Sessions

The Club holds advising sessions on topics like summer programs, undergraduate research, and graduate school applications. Watch the nullset list for details and dates.

Social events

Board game nights, Pi Day celebrations, etc

These are events for math club members to relax and take a break from studying. Snacks are usually provided.

End of year banquet

We host a semi-formal dinner for math club members at the end of every school year to celebrate that year. Several professors come as well.

Outreach events

Princeton University Math Competition (PUMaC)

Annual contest for high school students, return entirely by Princeton students. In the most recent years, we have had over 500 competitors per year. Some teams travel from as far as China and Bulgaria to attend PUMaC. In addition to the PUMaC staff (~15 people), we recruit over 100 volunteers to help us on the day of the event.


Mercer County Math Circle

This is a new outreach event that math club is starting this year. We will organize biweekly math talks at the local library for local high school and middle school students. The talks will be given by undergraduates. The goal is to introduce these young kids to beautiful mathematical theories and inspire them to pursue mathematics-related careers.