Introducing a new feature: Just Back From Class

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opendesk.jpgNot only do we research, think, and write about teaching and learning here at McGraw, we teach.  Last semester, Jeff Himpele (our Associate Director) gave a class in Anthropology entitled "Anthropology of Media."  This semester, I'm teaching the Freshman Seminar "Minding the Body," an interdisciplinary investigation into how we represent and misrepresent our bodies to ourselves.

Nothing focuses the mind and tests practices like an actual classroom with real, honest-to-goodness students.  We thought that it might be useful, perhaps for us more than anyone, to spend a little time each week discussing what worked and what didn't.  Along the way, we also want to hear about your own teaching experiences and what you make of them.

We're calling this new series "Just back from class."  The weekly posts will lean more to the informal (maybe even confessional) side, recorded in that heady time right after the chalk goes back into the tray.

Okay, so let's get started.

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