Steve Slaby

Steve Slaby, professor emeritus of civil engineering and operations research, passed away on July 5, 2008.


An obituary has been added to the University news site.

I dedicated an online book I wrote last year to Steve:
"Post-Scarcity Princeton, or, Reading between the lines of PAW for prospective Princeton students, or, the Health Risks of Heart Disease"
"This essay is dedicated to the bravest faculty member I ever met at Princeton, and the only one without a PhD: Professor Steve Slaby."

Sadly, I did not get a chance to tell him about that before he died. I hope he would have liked it. We miss you Steve. When I look back on my years at Princeton, especially with greater perspective now that I am older and I hope a little wiser, I can't imagine how I would feel about those years now if you had not been there.

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