3 thoughts on “Harold Kuhn

  1. Gerald Porter '58

    As a Princeton undergraduate I took a game theory/econometric graduate course with Kuhn while he was still on the faculty of Bryn Mawr College. This led to his becoming my senior thesis advisor (1957-58). (probably the first thesis he advised at Princeton) My thesis was a computational test of a starting algorithm for the Transportation Problem that compared a proposed algorithm by Kuhn called the Feedback Method (unpublished) with another starting algorithm proposed by Ford and Fulkerson (1956). Each was used in conjunction with Kuhn’s Hungarian Method for solving the problem. The computations were performed on the Von-Neumann computer at the Institute for Advanced Studies. This was one of the first senior thesis at Princeton that used a digital computer. I believe that it may have been the first time the Ford-Fulkerson method was run on a digital computer. The conclusion was that Kuhn’s proposed method was less efficient than the Ford-Fulkerson method. Shortly after I completed my thesis, the Institute machine was disassembled and shipped to the Smithsonian.

    Kuhn was an excellent and supportive thesis advisor. In latter years when I met him he would be friendly although he had little recollection of who I was or that he had been my thesis advisor. RIP Harold.

  2. Lorenzo Moreno - Visiting Lecturer in Public Affairs

    Kuhn’s collaboration luminaries like John Von Neumann, Nash, and Tucker as well as his long association with Mathematica reassured me I made the right decision to work for it.

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