Recently in Faculty Category

Richard Ullman, David E. Bruce Professor of International Affairs, Emeritus, March 11, 2014

Forman Acton, professor emeritus of computer science, Feb. 18, 2014

Kenneth Levy, Scheide Professor of Music History Emeritus, Aug. 15, 2013

Rubby Sherr, professor emeritus of physics, July 8, 2013

Arthur Szathmary, professor emeritus of philosophy, July 1, 2013

Joseph Notterman, professor emeritus of psychology, June 28, 2013

Sarah Charlesworth, lecturer with the rank of professor in the Program in Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, June 26, 2013

Joseph Frank, Class of 1926 Professor of Comparative Literature, Emeritus, Feb. 27, 2013

Arthur Wightman, professor emeritus of physics, Jan. 13, 2013

Charles Gilvarg, professor emeritus of molecular biology, Jan. 6, 2013