British Library owns world’s largest research collection

British Library Direct is a reissue of British Library Inside.

You can search the latest 5 years of the 20,000 journals in the British Library’s collection for free via British Library Direct   You can register, order articles directly and pay by credit card.   However, as long as you are connected with Princeton University, the Library will obtain anything/everything needed at no charge — through our Document Delivery Service and Interlibrary Loan.

A disadvantage of this database is that there are no links to Princeton holdings, but many articles are freely available.  For example, an advanced search on "fuel cells"  (in title) yielded a total  of 3199, and 1708 are immediately available (free).    The emphasis is on science & technology.

About British Library Direct  Something to keep in mind when/if you are unaffiliated with academia!

British Library Direct Plus is a subscription-based service with 67,000 titles and goes back to the 1940’s.

Ecohydrology — new journal


Wiley-Blackwell is offering free academic access to this first issue of Ecohydrology.

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"Ecohydrology seeks to increase interdisciplinary insights by placing particular emphasis on interactions and associated feedbacks in both space and time between ecological systems and the hydrological cycle.

Research contributions are solicited from disciplines focusing on the following aspects of ecohydrology:

  • Physical
  • Ecological
  • Biological
  • Biogeochemical
  • Geomorphological
  • Drainage basin
  • Mathematical
  • Methodological "

To read more about this new journal see:


Journals added to PubMed

The NLM Technical Bulletin dated March-April, 2008,  announces indexing coverage  for, and inclusion of 7 new journals, the most significant of which might beThe Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling and BMC Medical Physics.

NLM Technical Bulletin, Mar-Apr 2008, PubMed Central: New Journals Participating and New Content Added:

ScienceDirect Access Improvements

Princeton University has subscribed to all the Elsevier journals in ScienceDirect ,  so that most articles in this database should be available in full text. Where available, we have purchased the backfiles, otherwise our subscriptions begin with 1995.  There are a few journals in ScienceDirect from other publishers to which we do not have access.  You may contact the Library or submit a document delivery request, if you don’t get access.  Full text access may be denied unless you go through a PU path, like the e-journals links or the online catalog.

The "ScienceDirect EJ package" includes 2700 journals, but does not include the 6000 books.  You will, however, be directed to Related articles — which is very neat!  Their Preview button, as yet, does not seem to deliver. 

ScienceDirect home

Contributed by the Head of the Science Library, Patty Gaspari Bridges.


New improvements to ScienceDirect, with the aid of researcher/collaborators:
  • Fewer clicks
  • Researcher comments and ratings will be integrated with the articles.
  • Preview tabs on tables of content or results pages
  • Navigation is improved by an article “toolbox” which clumps together functions:  ‘cited by”  “download PDF”, “e-mail article”
  • Instant, rollover access to cited reference papers within the body of the citing article
As reported by EContent Magazine XTra, 4/15/08

CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water — journal title change


"CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water is a new, international and interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of Sustainability and Environmental Safety. It hosts an attractive mixture of peer-reviewed scientific reviews, research papers, and short communications."  Published by Wiley Interscience, it was formerly known as Acta hydrochimica et hydrobiologica. 

Princeton has this available online from 1993+

Aeolian Research, journal coming in 2009

"Elsevier launches new journal – Aeolian Research 10 Apr 2008

STM publisher Elsevier, Netherlands, has announced the launch of a new journal – Aeolian Research. Dr. Ted Zobeck and Dr. Jeff Lee will serve as Editors of the journal, the first issue of which will be published in January 2009.

Published quarterly, Aeolian Research will focus on the advances in the rapidly expanding area of research in the winds’ ability to shape the surface of the Earth. The journal seeks to offer a single platform for papers dealing with aeolian processes which are presently published in a wide variety of journals.

Aeolian Research will span a broad array of disciplines and will include fundamental studies of the physics of blowing sand and dust and the deposition of sediment. Practical applications including environmental impacts and erosion control will also be covered. In addition, the journal will also publish research articles, case histories, short communications, book reviews, thematic issues and review articles.

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Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter

BioOne releases new model publication agreement

BioOne releases new model publication agreement10 Apr 2008

"BioOne, US, a web-based aggregator of research in biological, ecological and environmental sciences, has announced the release of a model publication agreement that addresses current trends in copyright assignment and requirements by NIH and other funding agencies for digital repository deposits. The agreement, developed at the request of several BioOne publishers, may be of interest to any scholarly publishing organisation that is seeking a clear, concise, and legally vetted publication agreement."

"The final Agreement is currently available for free on the BioOne website at An accompanying ‘roadmap’ is also available to provide publishers adopting the agreement with guidance on specific author and publisher rights and amendable sections."

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Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter

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Journal ranking service — SCImago

From today’s Librarian Newsletter from BioMed Central:

A new way for libraries to rank journals

Until recently Thomson’s Journal Citation Reports service (JCR) has remained essentially unchallenged as the metric to journal rankings, but now a new journal citation metric, the SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), looks set to offer an alternative source.

Unlike the JCR (available by subscription) SCImago is freely available online, and also offers important improvements, compared to the JCR.

Read BioMed Central blog entry >> 

SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is announcing  a new journal: 

SIAM Journal on Imaging SciencesMathematical and computational imaging science.

Volume 1, Issue 1 , March 2008                                         

Free access in 2008.  Website: