Aeolian Research, journal coming in 2009

"Elsevier launches new journal – Aeolian Research 10 Apr 2008

STM publisher Elsevier, Netherlands, has announced the launch of a new journal – Aeolian Research. Dr. Ted Zobeck and Dr. Jeff Lee will serve as Editors of the journal, the first issue of which will be published in January 2009.

Published quarterly, Aeolian Research will focus on the advances in the rapidly expanding area of research in the winds’ ability to shape the surface of the Earth. The journal seeks to offer a single platform for papers dealing with aeolian processes which are presently published in a wide variety of journals.

Aeolian Research will span a broad array of disciplines and will include fundamental studies of the physics of blowing sand and dust and the deposition of sediment. Practical applications including environmental impacts and erosion control will also be covered. In addition, the journal will also publish research articles, case histories, short communications, book reviews, thematic issues and review articles.

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Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter