Human Ontogenetics — new OA interdisciplinary journal


"human_ontogenetics is an international interdisciplinary open access journal edited under the auspices of the Society of Human Ontogenetics and published by Wiley-Blackwell.

The science of human ontogenetics deals with the development of the human individual as a biopsychosocial unit from conception until death. It aims – as critical theory, conceptual framework and research program – at a holistic comprehension of man in his structural and temporal dimensions.

human_ontogenetics is a forum for original disciplinary research, interdisciplinary studies, conceptual work and metadisciplinary syntheses focusing on the ontogeny of human beings and its evolution. The journal covers developmental and evolutionary aspects of all human sciences – the scope ranges from empirical biomedical studies to philosophical concepts. Special focus will be given to studies on the developmental origins of health and disease."

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