NewsRx launches 19 new technology titles

Princeton University Library has access to 59 (of 194) titles in the NewsRx series through ProQuest Research Library (as of  August, 2008).  They are mainly biomedical in theme:  Examples are Stem Cells and Malaria.  To see the list, just type newsrx as a keyword search in the Main Catalog.  In fact, to be assured of being able to read the contents, without incurring a charge, you must enter through one of the links in the Main Catalog, or search via ProQuest Research Library .

Today’s Knowledgespeak Newsletter announces 19 new titles, mainly of interest to engineering, broadly speaking:

"The new titles are all weekly newsletters, and are available in print or online at Each of these newsletters offer readers both a broad overview and an insider’s knowledge, ensuring that readers stay on top of the technology that is important to them and makes their businesses successful. Titles include Information Technology Newsweekly; Internet Weekly News; Computer Weekly News; Networks Weekly News, Telecommunications Weekly, Electronics Newsweekly and Journal of Technology."

"As part of this launch and to promote international understanding of climate-impacting issues, NewsRx is making an electronic version of its title The Business of Global Warming available at no charge for six months. The free subscription is available on the homepage."