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"NTIS undergoes a rigorous process to ensure that all the information we offer is authentic and credible. This integrity, along with the breadth and depth of our collection, is why NTIS is regarded as the nation’s preeminent source of government information." 

NTIS is now offering RSS feeds to any of its 39 major subject categories.  One may subscribe to receive the latest titles, weekly.   For a listing of Scope Notes that defines the specific topical content for each, go to  http://www.ntis.gov/pdf/scopenotes.pdf

To subscribe to the Newsletter, write to: ntrnews@ntis.gov

 "The National Technical Information Service (NTIS), is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive source of government-funded scientific, technical, engineering and business-related information."


Source: NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter, Vol. 1(4), October 15, 2008